Mastering Your Mind with Plant Medicine

Plant Medicine

20% of adult Americans experience mental illness every year, many of which have to deal with physical illnesses too.

While the majority of us solely rely on Western medicine for healing, it simply might not be enough for others.

If you’re looking for a change in your life, then you might benefit from plant medicine. Here is a helpful guide for you to find out all about this type of alternative medicine.

What is Plant Medicine?

Plant medicine is also known as psychospiritual healing. It is the use of psychedelic plants, such as ayahuasca, iboga, and San Pedro.

Ayahuasca, also known as yage, is usually brewed and then drunk by people during ceremonies. It’s been used in indigenous ceremonies in the Amazon basin for centuries.

Iboga (or ibogaine) has been used for ceremonies in African cultures. The bark is used as a medicine and can be taken as dried chips or powder.

Lastly, San Pedro is a type of cactus from the Andes in South America. In the South American ceremonies, San Pedro is taken as either a powder or gelatinous brew.

How Does Plant Medicine Work?

Plant medicine works to help you reach deep inside yourself and go on a journey of self-reflection. It’s meant to be an alternative to traditional therapy, as it allows for “ego death.”

When you’re able to shed your ego, you can transcend your sense of identity and reach deep into places you didn’t even know existed. This is due to the psychedelic effects these plant-based medicines have.

Benefits of Plant-Based Medicine

One of the main benefits of plant-based medicine is that you can find treatments that work for ailments you may have previously not been hopeful about.

For example, opioid addiction is extremely tough to battle. However, iboga’s been used to help with addictive tendencies, especially opioid addictions.

Both ibogaine and psilocybin can also repair damaged brain cells and regenerate new ones. They can also create new networks in the brain. This can be promising in treating certain mental health conditions, such as PTSD.

Exploring a new type of medicine can also unlock your outlook, especially if you were previously feeling hopeless. It will give you renewed strength and perspective to deal with challenging health issues.

See the Benefits of Plant Medicine for Yourself

If the benefits of plant medicine seem like just what you need to get some meaningful change in your life, then you might want to go on a retreat.

On retreats, experienced people guide you through the psychedelic experience, so you don’t ever feel alone or afraid. With this guidance, you’ll be able to get on the road to both spiritual and physical healing, which is something Western medicine might not have been able to offer you so far.

Do you feel like you need a life-changing retreat to begin your journey with plant-based medicine? Then fill out an application now. We carefully vet each applicant to ensure that they’re a good fit for our retreats.