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Who We Are

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With traveling the world many times over, we have properly vetted and identified the best in class. From locations to experts and facilitators. But, its even more than that…

During our founders deep journey experiences, the vision came and we are “People Preservationists.” This has a double meaning. One, is to preserve ourselves, after all, the earth has survived many natural disasters and Mother earth needs us to save the human race. The other meaning comes from traveling far and wide and realizing that indigenous people are truly the wisdom keepers. They hold the keys to our self preservation.

However, many of these indigenous tribes are in peril, many marginalized minorities. Caught between the policies of national governments, corporate interests and the trends of globalization, which often disrespect the traditional ways of all these people. These things place them at high risk to becoming lost tribes and cultures, taking with them, their wisdom. We are committed to working with these tribes all over the world. They offer a great deal of healing knowledge and are integral part of our ceremonies and process. With our work, comes great responsibility to give back to these people. We donate a percentage of our proceeds to protecting these wisdom keepers and preserving their cultures.

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Bespoke, Boutique, Transformational. Yes, all of those things, but more!

We’ve extensively traveled, identifying top-notch locations, experts, and facilitators. Yet, our journey led to a deeper realization—we’re “People Preservationists.” This means safeguarding both ourselves and indigenous communities, the true custodians of wisdom. These tribes are at risk due to government policies, corporate agendas, and globalization trends that disregard their traditions, endangering their cultures. We’re dedicated to collaborating with these communities globally, acknowledging their invaluable healing knowledge. To support them, we donate a portion of our earnings for their protection and cultural preservation.

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