Costa rica IBOGA

January 23-30, 2024

$5,675 USD Private Room/Private Bathroom (2 available rooms)

$5,275 USD Private Room/Shared Bathroom (3 available rooms)

Limited Space Available! Due to the nature of this event space is extremely limited. Please message us today for more details to see if this is a fit for you. We only have a few spaces remaining for this retreat.

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Why Costa Rica?

Beyond its lush jungles and exotic beaches, Costa Rica holds a wealth of culture, and wildlife. Costa Rica feels like the heart of the Earth and holds a nurturing and nourishing energy. Enter the portal from old earth to new earth and experience the clean air, fresh fruit, and sweet songs of thousands of bird species thriving in Costa Rica to transform your mind, body and spirit.

Healing Sanctuary

Unlike other retreats that are designed, built, geared, and run for larger groups feeling more like indoor-outdoor living hotels, this facility isn’t really a facility at all, it’s a home; a working finca, and just the place for your soul’s re-birth to occur. It’s located on top of the misty mountains with an epic view of the Turrialba Volcano and the Reventazon River. The land houses bananas, breadfruit, coffee, cacao, and local root crops, like yucca, malanga, and tiquisque.

The food is organically grown, farm-to-table, from this finca and the neighboring organic farm. With green pastures, dairy cows and just the right amount of water to keep everything lush, the environment brings peace and serenity to your mind, body, and soul. A gentle Northeasterly breeze graces the afternoon and flows through the home’s open indoor-outdoor living space, this home offers a warm, safe environment to be re-born anew.

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Arrival, orientation, welcome ceremony


Guided meditation, 1:1 prep sessions, intention setting, sacred river bath, Iboga journey


Discovery day, quiet time, relaxation, introspection, processing


Mindful movements, breath work, integration circle


Guided meditation, intention setting, scared river bath, Iboga journey


Discovery day, quiet time, relaxation, introspection, processing


Mindful movements, art therapy, integration circle, closing ceremony


Departure, optional waterfall trip

Our Team

Tracy Ganske, PhD

Dr. Ganske is a clinician, entrepreneur, spiritual guide, ceremonial facilitator and new earth leader dedicated to the expansion of the collective consciousness, alternative and plant medicine, and holistic wellness integration. Tracy is an initiate…

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Michele Fishley

Michele is an LPN of 16 years. She has been working with the Iboga/Ibogaine medicine for 10 yrs where she has served as a medical director and lead facilitator for countless retreats. Certified thru Being True To You as a Recovery Psycho-Spiritual Integration…

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Patrick Fishley

Patrick has worked diligently for 30 years as an RN within the areas of Intensive Care Units, Emergency Room, and Trauma Bays. Extensive work with Addictions and Mental Health/Psychiatry.

Certified Being True To You certified…

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