How Iboga Became a Therapeutic Trend

Feb 19, 2020

The Iboga plant has the power to completely transform lives.

Iboga is the root bark of the Tabernanthe Iboga plant, found deep in the rainforests of Africa. It is one of the world’s oldest plant medicines and most powerful psychedelics.

Iboga was traditionally used in West Africa ceremonies. It is now widely used around the world to improve health and wellbeing.

How did Iboga become a therapeutic trend? Let’s discover the wonderful uses of this plant.

Traditional Use of Iboga

The Iboga plant was first used hundreds of years ago by the Bwiti people in West Africa. It was used as a psycho-spiritual tool and is considered an important part of their religion and culture.

The Bwiti discovered the plant and began to experiment with it. They soon discovered that when people use Iboga, they were able to enter a state that allows them to reflect on their lives. They emerge will greater clarity and wisdom, and people are reborn with a healthier perspective on life.

The Bwiti people used Iboga for spiritual enlightenment and connection with the community, as well as the wider world. That is why it has long been used for emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical healing. It has also been used in traditional ceremonies, celebrations, and rituals.

How Did Iboga Become a Therapeutic Trend?

As the world became more accessible and easily explored, the Bwiti people shared their culture and ceremonies with others.

In the 1960s, the first President of the independent nation of Gabon spoke about the Iboga plant, and its important role in Gabon’s culture and history.

Iboga also began to receive attention from the medical community. This was largely because Iboga contains 12 psychoactive substances. Westerners were attracted to the plant for alternative healing and psycho-spiritual experiences.

It became very popular and widely used. In 2000, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Gabon declared that the Iboga plant was a national treasure. It is recognized as a “cultural heritage strategic reserve” by the government of Gabon.

The Iboga plant that was traditionally used the Bwiti people became a worldwide phenomenon.

Iboga as Alternative Therapy and Mental Health Treatment

Iboga is now increasingly used to treat mental health problems or difficulties.

For many years, Western medicine has relied on pharmaceuticals to treat depression, anxiety disorders, and other psychological distress. However, these tend to address symptoms rather than confronting the root cause of such issues.

The Iboga plant has a powerful psycho-spiritual aspect. It is being used to discover and combat the causes of depression and anxiety and provide long-term transformation for individuals.

From Ancient Tradition to Therapeutic Trend

The Iboga plant has a long history of transforming lives, allowing people to view themselves and their lives in a healthier way.

How did Iboga become a therapeutic trend? The tradition has been shared globally since the 1960s. It is now increasingly challenging traditional pharmaceutical medicine.

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