I have done several plant medicine journeys at 6 various centers, including Iboga. They have all been in a group setting. I had mostly good experiences, but the one on one with Tracy was beyond incredible. She has such ability to see things in the past and present. Leading me on the journey from start to finish helped me make sense of so many things in my life that I could not have interpreted in the same way, had I not done the one on one work with her. She has an incredible gift to heal people. I had not ever been able to break thru many blockages prior to the work with her -Taylor G.

I was completely new to any plant medicine prior to working with Tracy. She made me feel so comfortable and safe and it was such an enlightening experience. I had no idea what to expect and so many positive things changed for me after this first journey. I went on to do two other group journey retreats and did not get as much out of them as I did working one on one with Tracy. She has a very unique approach to helping people truly understand patterning and what can be done to change it. It was like spending 6 hours with an intuitive who can see things no one else can, not even me – Sarah B.

My work with Tracy has been nothing short of a miracle. I was in such a dark place prior to working with her and Iboga. I had tried many different plant medicines and the effects would last for a period of time, but I always found myself needing to go journey again to find more answers. Tracy and Iboga helped me realize that the answers are all within and to understand how to tap into my own knowing. She helped me with her clairvoyance to find answers to things I was always curious about and how to change certain behaviors that keep me feeling like I am operating in one gear. She is incredible at what she does – Stephen W.